The writer

Hi. I’m Lisa, wife of one, mother of two, child of God and a lover of words.

I’ve been filling notebooks (you know, those things before computers) with stories for as long as I can remember, forcing my tales on anyone willing to read them. When I wasn’t writing stories, I was reading them. You’ll still find me with my nose in a book (or eyes glued to my Kindle) more often than not.

“Living echoes” is a phrase I found in a forgotten hymnal from a song I don’t know, but it describes what I feel about our place in this world. When I worked for a newspaper, I used to tell the people I was interviewing that everyone had a story. I believe that even more now.

God is the Great Storyteller. He’s writing the Story of Our Lives. And sometimes it’s hard to see where we fit into that story. In this space, you’ll find my own struggles to see God in the midst of life’s celebrations and challenges.

And because I love a good story, it’s my goal to share good stories with you. This blog is a work in progress. (Aren’t we all?) Come along for the journey and we’ll find our place in the Story.

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