A brief health update (because some of you have asked)

Last month, I let the world of Facebook know that I was trying medication for depression and/or anxiety because I was having some issues with side effects and I just needed to talk about it. The response was overwhelming and humbling.

It took me a few weeks to take further action. I talked with my therapist who suggested maybe an anti-anxiety medication might be better. I made a doctor’s appointment, and last week, I finally got to check back in with my doctor, who has been on a short journey with me but is someone I really like and trust.

Together, he and I decided that medication might not be the best choice for me right now. So, I’m trusting my body and its over-reaction to these meds and I’m seeking alternative sources: relaxation techniques, exercise, better eating, the occasional adult beverage at the end of a stressful day. This was my preferred path all along, but I didn’t want to rely on my own understanding or resist medication for the sake of resisting. (Nor do I believe that medication is evil or a wrong choice for anyone.) This is what is best for me right now.

My symptoms are mild and manageable. I will listen to my body and be aware of my emotions and determine if what I told my doctor about how often I’m anxious or depressed is true, and if we need to re-evaluate in the future, we will.

So, I didn’t want to leave you hanging (as if you’re all worried about all the time-not!). But I’m thankful for your concern and for the stories you’ve shared and the support you’ve given.

I believe mental illness is a real thing and that people don’t talk about it enough because it’s got a reputation as being a shameful thing. Those who struggle with it struggle to varying degrees and the best response to someone else’s treatment plan is my new favorite saying I learned from Amy Poehler: Good for her (or him); not for me.

I’ll keep you posted if there’s anything to report. In the meantime, I’d love to hear how alternative therapies work for you.

What’s your go-to activity to fight anxiety or depression?

Breathing techniques? Yoga? Exercise? Nutrition? Wine? Something I’m not even considering?



10 thoughts on “A brief health update (because some of you have asked)

  1. B complex supplements, Theanine Serene (from Savemart), Sleepytime tea, exercise, deep breathing, reciting Scripture, hot baths, heated and weighted blankets, and getting out in nature, alone if possible.

  2. I realize this isn’t directly related to battling depression, but Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project is full of strategies for fighting stress and negativity. I imagine some of them will resonate with you.

  3. Exercise (a nice jog in the fresh air with great music), yoga (sometimes it gets a little weird but I just use those brief times to send up an extra prayer or two), nutrition (if you can call a nice gooey brownie nutrition), no wine (I like my calories chocolatey-see above) and sometimes I throw a good, old fashioned pity party. Like any party there is a start time and an end time (I usually allow about 3 hours-4 tops). Sometimes I will invite a friend and sometimes it’s just me and God. You’re a brave girl, Lisa. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  4. You are right Lisa, not enough is said about mental illness….it’s a quiet disease that people rarely know that it even exists, and people tend to fight this alone. Good for you for standing up and proclaiming that there is power in prayer, and with or without medicine….God Bless ya…

  5. I like Chip Ingram’s worry analogy. If you know how to worry, then you know how to meditate on scripture. Worry is focusing/meditating on something that is wrong or could go badly. So when you do that, remind yourself to turn that worry into prayer. Find a scripture that relates to the worry and recite that scripture and pray instead of fretting.
    I’m an analyzer, so I have to remind myself to stop thinking about the different possibilities and instead I need to pray for God’s will in my life.

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