The only book you need for all your vinegar needs: Review of Vinegar Fridays by Hana Caye {plus a giveaway!}

I started using vinegar (and baking soda) as a cleaner a few years ago when money was tight and we didn’t have extra funds to spend on cleaning products. Until then, I’d heard that there were natural, non-toxic, non-chemical alternatives, but I didn’t give them much thought.

Then I started using them. And learning more. And the more I learn, the more I find there is to learn.

Enter the Green Grandma, aka Hana Haatainen Caye, blogger, writer, and overall inspiring woman. Her blog is a wealth of information about green alternatives, lessening our harmful environmental impact, and healthy living. I met Hana at a one-day writers’ conference a few years ago when I was still a bit skeptical and uninformed about all this green living stuff. Over time, her words, the information she’s shared, have contributed to some gradual changes in my family’s life.

vinegarOne of the past features on Hana’s blog was Vinegar Fridays. She’d share a tip about how to use vinegar for cleaning, health or beauty. It was here I learned that I could use it as a fabric softener instead of the liquid stuff, especially when hanging my clothes out on the clothesline. She compiled these tips into a book, Vinegar Fridays, and holy cow! If I wasn’t already impressed with vinegar, I would be after reading this book. (Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Vinegar Fridays from the author in exchange for my review.)

Did you know that vinegar can help relieve sunburn? Or work as a fabric refresher to dispel odors? Or can repel bugs?

Maybe you did know that. And I don’t want to reveal all of Hana’s amazing tips, so let me just say this:

Reading Vinegar Fridays made me want to clean my whole house.

Want to. I almost never want to clean my house. But Hana makes it sound fun and safe and effective. And if all you need is a jug of vinegar, and occasionally some baking soda, then there’s no lugging around a bucket of cleaners that leave you woozy from the smell.

Vinegar Fridays offers tips for more than just cleaning. Facial masks. No-pooing (in place of shampooing). Salad dressings (of course!) And other health-related remedies.

Seriously. I feel like I’ve been missing a valuable resource for my home. I can’t wait to stock up on spray bottles and start trying out some of these tips all over the house.

And guess what? I’ve got an extra copy of the book to give away! Hana graciously gave  me a second copy for one of you. To enter to win it, just leave a comment here, on this blog, telling me something you’ve learned about vinegar over the years, or why you’d like to give vinegar a try. I’ll keep the contest open till Monday, November 4, when I’ll choose a winner and send you the book.

In the meantime, check out Hana’s blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Lots of fun, informative and challenging information.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below for a chance to win! You can check out the book here.



7 thoughts on “The only book you need for all your vinegar needs: Review of Vinegar Fridays by Hana Caye {plus a giveaway!}

  1. When Jason and I were first married, vinegar and baking soda were my go-to cleaning solutions. They make a fantastic toilet cleaner–and probably much better for the environment and my household than that disgusting blue stuff you squeeze out of a bottle.

  2. I use it to clean the drains in the bathrooms. 1/2 box of baking soda and a cup of white vinegar. Grandpa uses it to settle his stomach. HE USES A SPOONFUL OF VINEGAR AND A SPOONFUL OF HONEY in a glass of water.

  3. This sounds like such a great book! I feel like I know very little about the usefulness of vinegar and would really enjoy learning more. The only tip I have is that I use apple cider vinegar in my dishwasher to clean it (no dishes – just run your dishwasher through a regular cycle with just the vinegar.) Thanks!

  4. We recently, 3 yrs ago, purchased a home with completely tile floors on both levels. I was confined to a wheel chair for 4 months and looked at those floors everyday. I ALWAYS thought the grout was dark beige…then I noticed a light spot, I mean a clean spot…then I was on a mission to systematically clean all the grout leaning down from my chair. I found a recipe for vinegar, baking soda, amonia and a toothbrush. I scrubbed those tiles one square at a time..I HAD lots of time and amazing..the grout is ACTUALLY light beige. The floors look amazing and I then sealed the grout because I never plan to have that much confined time again. Thanks vinegar.

  5. I just recently learned about using Vinegar for cleaning products and have only used it a few times. I think it would be great to have this book as a resource.

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