When life is a good choice

It’s been a week since the GREAT SQUIRREL RESCUE, which evidenced the greatness of wildlife rescuers and people much more compassionate and brave than me (i.e. my husband).

And our wildlife rescuer friend has been updating me on our little girl squirrel, who is alive and well and thriving.

Here are some pictures, and if you don’t say “aw,” you have no heart. (I’m kidding. Maybe.)

squirrel 3

I got this one this morning and I’m not sure I ever could have been moved by the cuteness of a squirrel, but this picture. Oh. My. Word.

squirrel 4

And our “baby girl” (she’s on the left) is bunking with a boy squirrel. Aren’t they cute?

Life is beautiful. All life. Even when it’s scary and gritty and terrifying.

Last week I was worried the squirrel wouldn’t live. Now, I’m smiling at how much life is in her.

I can’t believe I almost didn’t care enough to get involved.

And I’m wondering what other areas of my life will require this kind of caring.


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