5 on Friday: Things that make me smile today

1. Great news from the wildlife rescuer. The squirrel is alive and eating well! I don’t want to be presumptuous, but it sounds like we may have saved her, just in time.

2. I successfully drove to two different city locations today (with the help of GPS). Now, those of you who live in places like Chicago or Philadelphia will laugh at my nervousness of driving into “the city” of Lancaster. But it was unfamiliar territory and I made it there and back.

3. Books, which are serious motivation to drive anywhere. Yes, I went to another used book sale. And sure, we had to drive around the block a dozen times to find a good parking spot.


But it was worth it, most of all for that $4 Joy of Cooking cookbook. We’ve been hunting for a used copy of that thing for years. I feel like I found a treasure. (And seriously what self-respecting, Christ-following, book-reading household doesn’t have its own copy of The Lord of the Rings books? I found one. I’ll be on the hunt for the others.)

4. Hanging with this kid all day.

corban booksHe was so pleased with his book finds at the book sale, though at one point, he was lying on the floor whining loudly about how badly he needed a drink. (And the Academy Award for Best Dramatic Performance by a 3-year-old goes to …)

Also, it’s fun finding time with both kids when the girl gets home from school.

kids cooking

Please understand, this was a rare moment of peace and cooperation. Usually they’re at each other’s throats after school and I’m yelling at them from the kitchen where I’m trying to throw something together for dinner.

5. The yippy dogs that live next door are named “Tony” and “Neil.” For some reason, this makes me smile, even when I hear their names shouted half a dozen times a day or more.

3 thoughts on “5 on Friday: Things that make me smile today

  1. I took a peek at your book choices, and you will love Barbara Kingsolver, if you don’t already. Beware, if you read her book, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, you will want to grow a ridiculously huge garden and never show the big box store again:)

    • I read The Poisonwood Bible a LONG time ago, and I’m not sure what happened to my copy. I either gave it away or it perished in the flood of a couple of years ago. I’ve been eager to re-read it, and it was only 50 cents, so why not, right? Animal, Vegetable, Miracle is on my list. Thanks for the warning! 🙂

  2. Aww, great list! I totally understand the driving into Lancaster thing. I hate cities, even “small” ones like that. And one way streets are SO CONFUSING!

    And love those dogs’ names, too! 😀 So funny.

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