5 on Friday: Words I can’t escape

I love words. Maybe that’s obvious. Maybe not. words with glasses

And every now and then, I see or hear words recurring in different books or settings and I can’t get them out of my mind.

Maybe that’s why I liked the idea of picking One Word for the whole year. And “release” has definitely been a word I can’t escape this year.

But lately, I’ve been noticing some other words that speak to me.

  1. Cadence. I noticed it in a book series I’ve loved. And then I read it in another book. And though it’s similar to “rhythm,” another word I’m pondering, there’s something almost musical about the word itself.
  2. Mystic. When my husband and I shopped at the used book sale last week, I picked up more than one book about Christian mystics and personal spiritual retreats and other stuff I would have thought weird in my early Christian days. The word “mystic” is mysterious to me but again, there’s something about it that speaks to me.
  3. Story. Yes, I’m a writer and I love to read, but lately I’ve been seeing the word “story” used to describe life and relationship to God and Christianity. I can’t get over how prevalent it is. And again, I’m drawn to it. This idea that life is a story being written and we have some say in how it turns out.
  4. Broken/brokenness. So many books and blogs have this theme right now. That we’re all broken in some way. That God can repair and restore. I used to cringe at the thought that I might be broken, in any way. Now, I’m starting to see the beauty in it.
  5. Slow. This one is more of an internal word, one that I have to repeat to myself. I always seem to be in a rush to get to the next thing, to get through the day, to finish what I’ve started. But I’m trying to slow down. My thoughts. My words. My worries. My driving speed. I’m not sure I’ll ever adapt to the Amish-style slow I see daily, but it is a good reminder that life doesn’t have to be lived in the fast lane to be fulfilling.

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