5 on Friday: A few of my favorite things

Months ago I started this feature on the blog, mostly because I like lists. (I write stuff on lists just so I can cross them off.)

This week: five of my (current) favorite things.

1. Nutella. Or the knock-off Aldi brand of Nutella. I’m not a Nutella expert but the generic stuff is good. And maybe, just maybe, I’ve been eating it off a spoon while I wait for the bread to toast.

2. Cutthroat Kitchen. I’ve only seen one episode on Food Network, starring Alton Brown’s evil twin (not really, but the look he’s got going for this show makes him look less food-nerd and more evil mastermind), but I’m hooked. We have access to Food Network right now thanks to a cable deal we got when we moved, and it. is. dangerous.

3. Church. We’re having so much fun connecting with our new church community, and the kids are super comfortable with the teachers and other people they meet. This week, after watching a baptism at church, they baptized all their stuffed animals in a tub full of “baptist water.” (Not real water.) And at least once a week, they “play church.”

4. Aldi. I’ve sort of rediscovered this grocery store. Not only do they sell food cheap, they sell good food cheap, and they have a lot of variety. I can get orange crackers (think goldfish only in penguin shapes) that don’t have any artificial colors in them. And the aforementioned chocolate hazelnut spread. And goat cheese (don’t ask). I’m always amazed at the total bill. A cart load of groceries for half the cost of other grocery stores. Okay, Aldi endorsement done.

5. Country roads. I’ve never really considered myself a country girl. I grew up in town. It was a smallish town, but still in town as opposed to in the country. Where we live now is borderline: used to be country but now it’s developed. When traveling around, we have options–we can take the highway or we can take back roads through residential areas. About 90 percent of the time, I’m on the back roads, avoiding the highway and its stress, even if I could get somewhere 5 or 10 minutes faster. Maybe I’m really a country girl at heart. Or maybe I’m just getting old. (No offense, of course, to any “old” people I know. I’m embracing my inner geezer.)


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