5 on Friday: Things my kids say that make me laugh

After a crazy couple of months that involved finding a place to live, packing, securing a place to live, more packing, sending the kids to spend two weeks with their grandparents, more packing, moving day, unpacking, a trip to Nashville and returning as a family of four to our new place, and a writing deadline, I’m easing my way back into my blogging schedule (which is subject to change at a moment’s notice!).

Watching the ducks at the park near our house.

Watching the ducks at the park near our house.

I give you the return of 5 on Friday with things my kids have said recently that leave me laughing weeks later.

1. In the car, while playing knock-knock jokes with Izzy, I pulled out my Kindle to see if I had a knock-knock joke book because they’re hard to think of on the spot. She says, “You don’t need to use your Kindle; you use your mind.” Touche.

2. Also while in the car, Corban wanted a snack. I said, “We have pretzels.” He replies, “I’ll need the whole bag.” He’s 3 1/2 going on 13, apparently.

3. Corban’s turn for knock-knock jokes. Corban: Knock Knock. Izzy: Who’s there? Corban: No one. He left. (This might be my favorite knock-knock joke of all time.)

4. We recently registered Isabelle for kindergarten. As we drove away from the district office, she said, while smiling wide, “Can I go to kindergarten tomorrow?” Soon enough, child. Soon enough.

5. My husband killed a wasp the other night and told the kids that it was twitching. Isabelle pondered this and wanted to know why. Corban says, “That is so interesting.” Then he looks down at his hands and in a shocked voice says, “Hey ma! I have four big fingers on my hands!” (Squirrel!)


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