An undeniably fun love story: Review of Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade

undeniably yoursThe cover should have been my first clue that this book is not just your average Christian romance. It’s also fun! I was so surprised by author Becky Wade’s writing style (in a good way) because it was so realistic. The thoughts and actions of both Meg, the reluctant heiress to an oil company, and Bo, the hubba-hubba cowboy, are believable and sometimes, laugh out loud funny.

(Disclaimer: I received an electronic copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.)

In the opening scene, Meg is in the process of firing people her father needed to run his company and his life, including Bo, the man who runs the horse ranch on her property. Meg has no interest in horses and has been advised to shut down the farm, fire its workers and sell the horses. But she has a soft spot for people, and when Bo disagrees with her plan and asks for time to turn the ranch around, Meg gives him six months. Bo considers it a personal challenge to not only turn a profit at the horse farm but convince Meg that the farm is worth saving.

That becomes both easier and more difficult as Bo finds himself attracted to Meg in ways he considers in appropriate because of her position as his employer while Meg finds comfort from panic attacks in the presence of Bo and the horses.

It’s a fun dance between the two as they’re obviously attracted to each other but both wanting to maintain professional distance. Throw in a shady character from Meg’s past who threatens to destroy everything and you’ve got yourself a classic romance the keeps you turning the pages.

Sometimes I think Christian novels in the romance genre are too safe in that they don’t acknowledge the reality of physical attraction between characters or the goofball thoughts that people have. I connected with Wade’s characters and I’m almost kicking myself for not grabbing a copy of her first book, My Stubborn Heart. (You can bet I’ll be changing that!)


5 thoughts on “An undeniably fun love story: Review of Undeniably Yours by Becky Wade

    • I know!! The downside of scheduling my book reviews ahead of time for the next month. Or as my husband said, Well this week might be your best-read book review ever. Thanks for your patience!

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