Do you know where your clothes come from?

Honestly, I haven’t given it much thought in the past, but when the news reports stories like this and this, then I have to wonder if the clothes I’m wearing are breaking someone else’s back.

It’s a complex problem without easy solutions, but that doesn’t mean we need to sit back and wring our hands.

Can I introduce you to a company that offers products that are good for the planet, for the people who make them and for you?

Imagine Goods is an organization I whole-heartedly support. And I think you should too. IG logo

Here’s why:

First, the clothes, bags, aprons, tablecloths and the like are GOR-geous. I don’t go gaga over new clothes or home furnishings too often, but these products are classy.

Second, the company offers a symbol on each of its products representing the worker who made the item. On their Website, you can learn a little bit about the person who made your dress or apron or tablecloth.

Third, the owners Michelle and Aiyana are dedicated, hard-working and hands-on. They’ll be taking their 13th trip to Cambodia this weekend to buy fabric at the local market and meet with the workers they employ. From start to finish, they know the ins and outs of their business.

Fourth, the work Imagine Goods offers gives marginalized people a fair wage which helps families, and a chance to learn a trade. On the Website, you’ll notice clothes labeled “second.” Those have been made by people who are learning to sew. Rather than throw out work that may not be perfect, Imagine Goods offers them at a reduced price.

Fifth, do you need more reasons? If so, then I dare you to visit Imagine Goods on the Web and not be inspired by the work they are doing. I’m planning to buy  my next dress for a wedding from there. And next year, when my daughter needs an  Easter dress, I’ll be heading to Imagine Goods.

It’s past time that we–shoppers, consumers, Americans–take responsibility for our part in the world’s problems. Imagine Goods makes it easy to feel good about the clothes you buy and to make a difference–a real, lasting difference–in the life of a real live person on the other side of the world.

Enough talking. Now go check out their Website!


2 thoughts on “Do you know where your clothes come from?

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