5 on Friday: Reasons I love being a mom

I don’t always love being a mom. I once wrote a post about the reasons I hate it. But in light of Mother’s Day this weekend, and that my kids are entering phases of their lives where they can do more for themselves and I’m feeling like a human being again, here are five reasons I love being a mom.


  1. Watching our kids grow. Our 5-year-old daughter is showing interest in tying her shoes. Our son sings the alphabet. Sometimes I can remember the day I brought them home and wondered how we’d get through this. Farther along the journey, I rejoice in the everyday miracle of life.
  2. Connecting with other parents. There’s a brotherhood (or is it motherhood?) of sorts among parents. A knowing “we’ve all been there” look when the kid is throwing a tantrum in public or the house is a mess because really, who has the time to clean it all up? Strangers become friends when kids are involved.
  3. Having many reasons to laugh. Either they’re saying something that makes me want to spit coffee on the computer (this would never happen; I love coffee and the computer too much) or they’ve done something that I can’t resist sharing on Facebook because it’s laugh-out-loud funny. Some days, living with kids is funnier than TV.
  4. Seeing family in different roles. I love watching my husband be a dad. And my parents and his parents be grandparents. Our siblings are great aunts and uncles. And extended family love our kids with so much love from afar that it’s humbling. It’s a good reminder of the love that was poured into my life, even if I can’t always remember it.
  5. Anticipating their future. Raising kids is like reading one long chapter of a story at a time, and you’re probably not going to see the end of it. Each of our kids has a unique personality and I haven’t a clue how God is going to use them. But I can’t wait to see. And I’m grateful to have a front-row seat.

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