Saturday smiles: thankful edition


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I’m away this weekend, attending a writers conference and presenting a workshop as part of the one-day event. So, today, I focus on what I’m thankful for.

  • That my husband’s job is flexible with his time off so we didn’t have to hire a sitter or a beg a friend to watch the kids while he worked and I went away.
  • That my husband enjoys spending time with the kids and has a day full of fun planned with them.
  • That my kids look forward to having a Daddy-Kid weekend so┬ámuch they don’t even seem to realize I won’t be there.
  • That my husband supports my writing and speaking dreams and encourages me to do things I think are unthinkable.
  • That my friend Carol would let me tag along on her speaking gig and participate in it as well. (She’s as cool as her name would suggest.)
  • That at the end of a rough and eventful week I can still be thankful for family and friends and praise God for His goodness.

What are you thankful for this week?