5 on Friday: More blogs I read regularly

After my initial blogs I read regularly post, I discovered five more blogs I frequent. Here they are: blog note

  1. Dr. Kelly Flanagan, a licensed clinical therapist who writes about redeeming all areas of life for wholeness.
  2. Joel Kime, who offers thought-provoking questions related to sermons at Faith Church in Lancaster, Pa.
  3. The Green Grandma, who has opened my eyes to a new way of living that is healthy and environmentally friendly. Lots of giveaways and tips for moms and babies, too.
  4. Mandy Masala, where my friend and college roommate Amanda writes about learning to cook Indian food the way her husband likes it. She inspires me to try new food!
  5. Scenes of Life, where Dave Schroeder, a college friend, writes about movies, writing, books, among other inspiring topics. I appreciate his take on these topics.

Who are you reading online these days? Share your recommendations!