5 on Friday: Day trips in my neck of the woods

One of the perks about moving to a state that isn’t your home state is the adventure of exploring the area and discovering its day-trip treasures.

Here are 5 day trips we’ve taken since living in Pennsylvania.

1. Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
This is one of the most memorable things we’ve done. We even had the chance to look up Phil’s ancestors and find out more about their arrival in the U.S.


2. National Zoo. Pandas. Enough said, right?


3. Longwood Gardens. This has become one of my favorite places. My soul sighs when we walk through the doors. Flowers, plants, water, beauty. It’s been a while since we’ve visited, and I miss it. (And no single picture can do it justice.)



4. Jim Thorpe. We took a train ride through a gorge and learned about the man after whom the town is named.


liberty bell5. Philadelphia. Our first, and really most obvious daytrip after we moved. I want to go back so we can see and do more.

And that barely scratches the surface of all the cool places within a day’s drive of here. Guess we’ve got plenty to keep us busy!

If you’ve got cabin fever like me, I encourage you to find some neat places within a day’s drive and make plans to visit. Local treasures are the best!

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