Why I celebrate marriage

Today is my parents’ wedding anniversary.

35 years

35 years. And I forgot to send a card.

Good thing I’m a writer and I can blog instead.

Also, I’m really picky about cards (see previous statement about being a writer) and I’m not sure I could find one to say what I want to say.

My parents being married for 35 years is a big deal. The kind of big deal I haven’t fully appreciated until being married myself.

Not only did they defy some serious odds. They were teenagers and expecting a baby (details I share with you only because in a few months when I turn 35, you’d put the pieces together) and THEY ARE STILL MARRIED.

I celebrate this every. single. day. Because I believe they are an exception to an all-too-common rule. (Tell me about other exceptions you know because I love a good love story.)

I don’t know all the ways they’ve struggled, but I know marriage is a struggle.

And they’ve stuck it out.

I don’t know all the ways they’ve changed, but I know marriage changes people.

And they’re still together.

I don’t know all the highlights of their married life, but I know marriage produces great joy.

And their marriage inspires me.

In world where love stories are often reduced to songs.

romeo and juliet(I’m not hating, Taylor Swift, but you’ve got to admit, we have a point.)

Or feelings, or fairy tales, real marriages with all their pain and trials and commitment and sacrifice give me hope.

This gem from Pinterest says it well.


My parents have been married for 35 years, and that is worth celebrating.

But so is EVERY marriage that makes it another year, another month, another day.

Because marriage is hard. And two people living life together day in, day out, is a recipe for disappointment and discouragement and disillusionment.

But it’s also a recipe for redemption and grace and selflessness.

I am not the same person I was 6 years ago before I married my husband. And I won’t be the same person in 6 years that I am now.

All that to wish my parents a happy anniversary.

And to say to all my married readers, “Congratulations!”

Marriage is worth celebrating.

Every. Single. Day.



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