5 on Friday: Blogs I read regularly

5 on Friday is a new weekly feature on the blog where I’ll share five things I’m reading, watching, listening to, enjoying, thinking about … you get the idea. Read the first one here.

There’s a lot of stuff to read on and off the Internet. Here are five blogging friends I visit regularly. blog note

  1. Abby Frye, blogging about her life with a chronic  kidney disease, transplant issues and her very real feelings about being sick
  2. Carol Cool, blogging about social justice  issues and how ordinary people can make a difference in their worlds
  3. Courtney Walsh, blogging about books and writing and trusting God with tough stuff
  4. Kristen Hershey, blogging about deals for families, craft ideas, adoption and motherhood
  5. Michelle Roberts, blogging about life “in the fish bowl” as a pastor’s wife.

Who are your regular reads on the Internet?


One thought on “5 on Friday: Blogs I read regularly

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