5 on Friday: Love songs that reflect the reality of marriage

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sweet love

photo courtesy of Stock Xchange (www.sxc.hu)

Valentine’s Day is next week, and while I have nothing against sappy love songs (hello, I was like Bryan Adams’ biggest fan in the ’90s), I’ve found myself drawn to love songs that show the beauty of marriage and love in spite of difficulties and hard work.

So, here are five love songs that reflect the reality of marriage.

  1. “A Page is Turned” by Bebo Norman. This was our “first dance” song at our wedding.
  2. “Dancing in the Minefields” by Andrew Peterson. I cry every time I hear this one on the radio.
  3. “Hold Up My Arms” by Andrew Peterson. It won’t be perfect, but we need each other.
  4. “The Garden” by Jason Gray. Marriage=hard work. But the fruit is worth it. (Note: This is from one of his older albums.)
  5. “Fly” by Sara Groves. Remind me why you married me. Because sometimes I forget.

What would you add?


7 thoughts on “5 on Friday: Love songs that reflect the reality of marriage

  1. A couple years ago, in anticipation of our 10th anniversary, we made a big playlist with songs that were about us. Some of our favorites are:

    The Special Two, Missy Higgins
    The Story, Brandi Carlile
    Rather Be With You, Joshua Radin
    I’ll Be Your Mirror, Clem Snide – love this one.
    Brave Dancing, Rachael Sage
    Always Love, Nada Surf
    You and Me, DMB

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