5 on Friday: TV shows that make me laugh out loud

5 on Friday is a new weekly feature on the blog where I’ll share five things I’m reading, watching, listening to, enjoying, thinking about … you get the idea. This is the first. tv

Five TV shows that make me laugh out loud:

  1. Duck Dynasty. We resisted jumping on this bandwagon for a while, but now we’re glad we joined up.
  2. 1600 Penn. Again, adding new shows to our weekly lineup is something I’m reluctant to do. What if it’s not as good as our favorites? No worries here. This is one of our new favorites.
  3. Go On. Even though it tackles a serious subject–grief–each episode contains at least one element of ridiculousness that leaves me laughing.
  4. The Office. Especially two recent episodes about lice and an espresso machine. Last season, I was ready to give up on this comedy. It would seem they have saved the best for last.
  5. Parks and Recreation. Two words: Ron Swanson. That is all.

If not for Duck Dynasty on this list, we’d look like a one-network family. In truth, most of our comedy comes from NBC, but we do watch other networks.

What are your favorite shows for laughing?



3 thoughts on “5 on Friday: TV shows that make me laugh out loud

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