When you can’t go to SE Asia, you can buy (and wear) a T-shirt

This week, two bloggers with The Exodus Road blogging crew wrapped up a trip to Southeast Asia, where they met and saw those involved in the modern-day slave trade of sex trafficking.


As they return to life in the States, they’ll be sharing stories of what they’ve seen. You can read some of them here¬†and see pictures from the trip here.

Not all of us can go to Southeast Asia (though some of us are dreaming of the day when that might be possible) and see the work for ourselves. Not all of us want to go.

And that’s okay.

What’s not okay is that people are suffering. And they think they’re alone. And we can help them.

Here’s one way:


This campaign has been live for less than 24 hours and already met its goal. So from now until January 30, if you buy one of these cool T-shirts, you’ll get one and help fund a sex trafficking¬†investigation in Southeast Asia.

And every time you wear the shirt, you will proclaim truth.

Rescue is coming.

Three little words. A lot of power.

Sometimes bringing hope is as simple as wearing a T-shirt.