Motherhood TV: 10 shows that could be about moms but aren’t

Motherhood is hard and complicated, full of surprises, both good and bad. Sometimes I can’t wait for this season of life to pass. Other days, I roll with it, trying to enjoy it while I can.

Today, I’m finding the humor in motherhood. Because if I don’t laugh, I might cry. And because my brain is a little bit fried from cabin fever and I’m trying to decrease my coffee consumption (and I’ve been watching too much TV), here’s my list of 10 TV shows that I think could be about moms even though they aren’t.

1. What Not To Wear: New moms quickly discover which of their favorite clothes they need to put in storage if they don’t want to add hefty dry cleaning bills to their budget. Also in that category would be any clothes that used to fit before you had a baby.

2. Let’s Make a Deal: Parents compete with each other to negotiate (okay, bribe) their kids to do things like sit on the potty, stay in bed, clean their room, eat another bite of pureed vegetables and take a nap. You think the real show is outrageous. You’ve never seen a tired desperate parent trying to get a kid to sleep for an hour.

3. The Finder: Kids ask their moms to find an obscure object that hasn’t existed in their minds for weeks but suddenly is THE THING they can’t live without. Watch as Detective Mom pieces together clues to find the missing items whereabouts. In another episode in the series, the husband asks her to find something he misplaced.

4. Kitchen Impossible (Kitchen Nightmares or Dinner Impossible would also fit): A mom tries to make a sensible, healthy meal for her family while her kids race cars around the kitchen counters and cabinets, bounce a basketball, ask for something to eat and grab her leg. Maybe this show could be called Kitchen Miracles.

5. Hoarders: Moms and Dads pilfer the chocolate from their kids’ Halloween candy stash night after night. In other episodes, Moms hide sugary cereal and other sweet treats in the back of a cupboard to eat when the kids are asleep.

6. The Voice: Moms face off to see how many times it takes repeating the same command before their kids will listen. Contestants are judged on tone and volume level.

7. Market Warriors: Armed with cell phones, coupons and screaming kids, moms try to navigate the aisles of a grocery store, purchasing every item on their list within their budget.

8. The Big Bang Theory: Blindfolded moms try to guess the source of a sound from another room.

9. The Walking Dead: Sleep deprived moms attempt to function without coffee. Coffee-addicted moms try to survive the afternoon crash when the morning coffee wears off. (Side note: I’d like to coin the term “mombie” if no one already has. When our son was learning to say “Mommy” it often came out sounding like “mombie.” I may go as this for Halloween next year.)

10. Happy Endings: Seinfeld was a show about “nothing.” So is this one. A quiet house. Sleeping children. And parents finally relaxing with whatever makes them happy. A spin-off series would feature empty-nesters enjoying that season of life. (I’ve heard this parenting thing gets better. I’m believing!)

What other TV shows could be about moms and/or parenting? Add your own ideas!


One thought on “Motherhood TV: 10 shows that could be about moms but aren’t

  1. You’ve really done it this time! great job! Great humor!… This could be in a national magazine… send it to “Reader’s Digest”… maybe you’ll win some money out of it! … Seriously, this could be published…
    All your perspectives about family life,…i.e… your experiences raising a family, your thoughts, words, deeds, etc, your slants on things, your antics in coping, their antics in being children… your struggles,… your hopes, joys, and dreams, your heartaches, etc in all this, these are all very human… and it’s great to read about it…it helps people to realize they are not alone in their own adventures of raising a family…..These are great stories….ever hear of Erma Bombeck? I think she was from Dayton. didn’t she make a living off of writing humorously about her family experiences …. it reminds me of women comediennes who use their family experiences in their comedy routines…. I think you have a great talent and a marketable skill… not to mention that we (me and other readers) love to read your stories… I know these stories come from your heart and that’s what matters…. it makes them so great….they are all told with love and humor… that’s what makes the world go round.. ..
    You have the makings of a great book right here just in all your blogs and posts! Writing is your art.

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