Saturday smiles: Random edition

Playing Frisbee with the under 5 crowd is an almost-sure path to appearing on America’s Funniest Videos.

Who says miracles don’t happen? Every day when I put dinner on the table and manage to not kill anyone, it’s a miracle. Bonus miracle if it’s edible and/or nutritious. I’m thinking of pitching a show to Food Network that involves cooking while your kids are wrestling each other at your feet, chasing themselves around the table, and clinging to your leg. Phil thinks child and family services wouldn’t approve. He’s probably right.

Books in the mail. Especially from two great authors. I’ve already finished the one on the left.

Great coffee. A couple of months ago I discovered there was a local roaster in our neighborhood, literally a block from our house. I wish I’d known this earlier. Or maybe I don’t. Regardless, I’m now enjoying a pound of fair trade locally roasted Sumatran coffee.

I tried three kinds this morning and later had to drink a cup of coffee to take the edge off of my morning coffee buzz. This is what addiction looks like, isn’t it?

At storytime, while the fabulous storytime leader was reading a book about a dragon, she asked if any of the kids could blow smoke out of their nose. Izzy didn’t miss a beat and said in all seriousness: “We can only blow snot out of our nose.” Truer words never spoke.

The kids pray at meal time and almost fight over who gets to do it.

Turning on PBS to find Pennsylvania Polka is on. I almost got up and danced. Almost.

Receiving a digital postcard from one of my favorite authors. I love her books and am really excited to be part of her “street team” promoting her new works. And it’s not every day you get to see your name in front of a historical, biblical site in Ephesus.

Totally made my day. Since my travel budget is non-existent right now, I’m happy to travel vicariously.

Thanks for traveling through randomness with me tonight.


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