It was there all along

My high school French teacher posted this beautiful fall picture to Facebook today.

Photo by James Higby

And as beautiful as fall colors are and as much as they make me miss the beauty of my hometown, the words he attached to the photo were even more beautiful. He said:

Of course, we know that the red has been there all along, hidden by chlorophyll production that began as the leaves formed and sprouted in the spring. When diminished daylight and accumulated stress cause the tree to shut down the green, the brilliant color underneath treats us to its autumnal show.

I love when nature teaches me a lesson about life, and I thank God that He created a wide, wonderful world full of pictures of His love.

Diminished daylight. Accumulated stress. I’m no tree, but those sound like good descriptors for my life right now.

What if in these times of trouble, these painful changes, these dark days, God is unleashing a beauty that’s been there all along?

What if in the days we don’t understand, God is making our true colors known to the world, letting us stand out from those around us?

In the Bible, Psalm 1 talks about a person who loves the Lord, who keeps good company, and knows the Law. That person, the psalmist says “is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season.” Only recently did I catch that last part: in season. The tree may be planted by streams of water but it may not always be yielding fruit. The tree’s not dead; it’s dormant, waiting for its season.

Are you there?

I am.

And I’m thankful for the reminder that when my season comes, it’ll be as beautiful and brilliant as the colors of fall.


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