Saturday smiles: Life is … edition

Life is. That’s how it feels right now. People ask us what’s new. Or how we are. And all I can say is “nothing” and “we’re here.” Waiting, waiting, waiting, still.

But in the waiting and in the routine, there are moments worth remembering.

Like our 4-year-old daughter watching rhythmic gymnastics, mimicking every move in the living room. She has used a frisbee, a playground ball and a piece of discarded packing tape as her rhythmic props. She is leaping across the room, twirling, and insisting that she can do what they do and she has “learned something new.” Me? I’m wondering how soon I can start packing my bags for some exotic location in 2024. Of course, we’d probably end up with an Olympic venue in Iowa (no offense to Iowa) instead of someplace like Rio. Still, I’m loving the Olympics through my kids. They’re excited about EVERYTHING, even marathon swimming, and every time the United States wins, they yell, “Yay! Our state won!” I think they’ll be crushed when it’s over tomorrow.

I had another morning date with our son today. We walked to the library, exchanged our books, received the next two discs in season two of Downton Abbey (giddy!), then walked to the Turkey Hill gas station for our ice cream reward for his potty training week. We shared a cherry limeade slushie and an ice cream sandwich. Besides being a tasty treat, it’s just fun to have one-on-one time with our kids.

I got to do more writing this week. And I got paid for the last project I worked on. Doing what I love and getting paid for it — can’t beat that. I also got to watch my husband do what he loves: preach. He delivered a sermon on Sunday, and he was great! We received a generous lunch offer from a nice couple at the church.

And the generosity continued through the week. I am overwhelmed by the love and support we are receiving as we figure out our next steps. This week, family has blown us away with their gifts.

Life is what it is.

God is good.

No better reason to smile.


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