A connection with the past — what’s saving my life right now

I was catching up on blog reading recently when I came across this post by Sarah Bessey (Read her; she’s refreshing.) about what is saving her life right now. A day later, she asked the question of others: What is saving your life right now?

For me, it’s a no-brainer. A book is saving my life right now. That’s not surprising since books have routinely saved me in my lifetime.

Saved me from boredom and loneliness. From outside chores (sorry Mom and Dad). From going absolutely crazy because life is crazy and I need an escape. Books have saved me from overextending myself, from becoming someone I don’t want to be, from actions I would regret.

This book, in particular, is saving my faith.

It’s The Book of Common Prayer. It’s ancient. But far from boring. Or irrelevant. Reading from this book daily reminds me of three things:

  1. I am a sinner, deeply in need of God’s grace.
  2. I am not alone.
  3. This faith journey I walk did not begin with me nor does it end with me.

In the “Why, God?” and “Where, God?” and “Oh, God” moments — of which there are many these days — The Book of Common Prayer tethers me. I am one link in a human chain that spans centuries and continents and will go on longer than my puny life here.

And when I’m upset with myself and upset with the Church and upset with the world,  I am stilled by the quiet confidence of the prayers found here. They point me to God, who is before all, above all, and after all.

My faith was faltering when this book was gifted to us.

Calling it a book is such an understatement. It is a link to the past. And hope for the future. It is the testament of saints who left the earth long ago and the testament of saints still walking the earth. And the words spoken by both join them in an eternal song.

So, what’s saving your life right now?

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2 thoughts on “A connection with the past — what’s saving my life right now

  1. What a great topic and I love reading your posts!

    What is saving me right now? My children. They remind me to savor the simple moments in life, the embrace those who need help, and to be thankful for all that we have. I often find myself caught up in all of the grown up dramas that surround my daily life, its my children who bring me back to center and keep me focused on what really matters the most in this world. They inspire me to be a better person and always remind me that I am loved and needed no matter who type of person I am at that moment.

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