Saturday Smiles: Too Much Olympics edition

Yeah, the Olympics make me smile. I like learning new things and hearing new stories and watching people succeed at something they’ve worked probably their whole lives for.

But watching the Olympics with kids has given me a whole new level of joy.

Mainly because of things like this:

I’m not sure what the event was but the prize was the Golden Pants, and later, the Golden Shoe. Every now and then I would hear an excited proclamation such as “Corban, good job! You won the Golden Shoe!” followed by an equally excited “Yay!”

Another time, Corban left their room to get something from the play kitchen and Isabelle followed him saying, “Okay, I’m coming too because all gymnastics people love each other.”

So far, they haven’t picked up anything unwholesome from watching more TV in one day than they usually do in a week. Oh well, it’s only once every four years, right?

Other smile highlights from this week:

  • a one-on-one date with my son for ice cream and a matchbox car. It was his reward for logging four days in one week with no potty accidents. His instructions for the car: “I want a construction truck. An ORANGE construction truck. I just like orange. I don’t like blue or red or gray, just orange.” Then as we walked through Wal-Mart, he proceeded to point out every. single. orange thing in the store. Later, I treated him to a DQ cone, which was dipped in butterscotch. (That’s close to orange, right?) Lucky for me, he’s doing GREAT at this potty training thing AND he’s a momma’s boy, so we’re going for ice cream again this week. (Have I mentioned how much I love ice cream?)
  • The kids and I went to the park on Friday after feeling cooped up in the house all week. We played at the playground for a while then walked toward the creek and the duck pond, something we hadn’t done the whole time we’ve lived here. Along the way, I discovered the perfect thinking-dreaming-solitude spot. A weeping willow tree nestled along the bubbling creek. I could see myself sitting there, alone, with a notebook or a book. At my childhood home, there was a willow tree along the creek that ran past our house. It was my getaway spot, and I’ve been partial to weeping willow trees and water my whole life. I’m only sad that I didn’t discover it sooner.
  • Another unexpected financial blessing, this time in the form of a credit for fuel oil to heat our water. God is showing us we’re not forgotten.
  • I met my writing deadline with time to spare. Finishing a project always feels good.

Watching the Olympics makes me want to travel. And write a bucket list. And do things on that bucket list. I like to dream and the Olympics reminds me to keep dreaming, no matter how bleak the future might look.

Keep dreaming and smiling, friends!


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