Saturday Smiles: Weird and wonderful edition

Two words: Bacon milkshake.

If you could put heaven in a cup, it would taste like the vanilla bean apple pie bacon milkshake at The B Spot, Michael Symon’s burger joint in Strongsville, Ohio. Besides eating the best burger of my life, the Blue Cow, and some tasty sauces (coffee barbecue sauce? Genius!), I had the pleasure of sharing the bacon milkshake with my husband. If I had $6 left to my name, I would buy one of these milkshakes. That’s a whole lot of happiness in a glass.

Our trip to The B Spot was a treat after we transferred the kids to my parents’ car in Toledo, Ohio. We’re on what feels like an extended date for a week as the kids visit their grandparents in Illinois and we prepare our house for a potential move. (Read: clean the kids’ room and hide away toys they aren’t going to miss.) It is, as the title of this post suggests, weird and wonderful. We are freer with our time and schedule, yet we feel like something is missing or that we’re being negligent in our parenting duties. We video chatted with the kids this afternoon and got a taste of what it’s like on our side of the screen most Sundays.

Isabelle’s first question: “How clean is our room?” Slow down, Sally. We got home at midnight and spent most of today away from home.

Corban’s concern: “Are you playing with my toys?” Tempting, but no.

On the plus side, I took a nap this afternoon with no concern that a child would wake me up after 5 minutes. We ate supper later than usual. We’ve got a full slate of activities planned for the week, which will go fast.

We had a wonderful visit to Lancaster today, and we’re pretty sure we’re going to move in that direction for church, job and house. We’re still waiting on God to help us put the pieces together, but there was an excitement we felt today that’s been missing for a while. Again, it’s weird and wonderful.

Then again, so are we.

Have a great week!


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