Learning from a long-ago shepherd: Review of A Heart Like His by Beth Moore

I don’t know what it is about Beth Moore, but her biblical insight is mind-blowing. The first book I ever read by her was Breaking Free, and it changed my life. Years later, I participated in video Bible study sessions of her lessons. Again, life-changing.

When offered the opportunity to review her book A Heart Like His: Intimate Reflections on the Life of David, I couldn’t say “no.”

I’ve been reading a chapter a day as I spend time with God, and though it seems like it has taken me a long time to get through this book, I appreciate the pace Moore sets. In studying David’s life, we’re not just hitting the highlights (Goliath) and lowlights (Bathsheba) but the in-between and even the back story with King Saul. The book is a detailed study of 1 and 2 Samuel, books we may not immediately turn to when looking for encouragement or principles for life but ones that are rich for the reading.

Moore makes an ancient shepherd’s life and struggles applicable to the modern follower of Christ.

Most of all, she makes the Bible exciting. Its stories are exciting, no matter what; sometimes it just takes a good teacher to unlock the treasure for you.

The book includes an excerpt of her Bible study series David: Seeking a Heart Like His. That will be on my list for sure.

FAVORITES: A Scripture reading is included at the beginning of each chapter and while Moore doesn’t hit everything in all the verses, reading those portions of Scripture brings depth to the teaching. I appreciate being able to focus in on a book or two of Scripture and study it in-depth. That sort of thing can be intimidating but Moore makes it manageable.

FAULTS: Not a one. She doesn’t let David off the hook for his sin, nor does she sugarcoat the consequences — for him or us — for doing something God doesn’t want us to do. I love that Moore tells it like it is. The Bible includes scenes that aren’t pretty and may not make sense on first reading, but a study of the culture and setting brings those scenes into context. Moore doesn’t avoid those topics. She faces them head on.

IN A WORD: Relevant. The Bible is often criticized for being irrelevant to modern life. Quite the opposite. Even if we don’t have to physically slay giants or run for our lives or hide in caves, we can glean principles for living from God’s Word. And that’s what A Heart Like His offers.


In exchange for this review, I received a free copy of A Heart Like His.


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