Saturday Smiles: It’s the little things edition

Right. Sunday again. I’m thinking I’ll have to rename this feature to Weekend Wonderfuls or something like that.

Many reasons to smile this week, so it’s not for lack of material.

One of my prayers of late has been, “God, where are You? Please, Lord. Show me that You haven’t forgotten us. I need to see You.” I wasn’t asking for a sign, per se, just an assurance. Like a short text or e-mail from a friend who’s been out of touch that says, “I’m still alive.”

I know God is there. I believe. Sometimes I just need a little reminder to help my unbelief.

My uncle is much improved this week, even moving out of critical care to a regular room. If you want the details you can find them here.

Not forgotten.

We came home to some distressing news for our budget and succumbed to stress and anxiety about the coming months. Then, we received four checks in the mail this week. We were expecting one, but couldn’t remember the amount. The other three were not exactly surprises except for the timing.

Not forgotten.

My husband completed another job application this week. That makes two out there for consideration. And we received an offer to pray about another ministry opportunity.

Not forgotten.

Then, there were things like experimental cooking that turned out yummy.

I call it sausage alfredo florentine pizza. Or something like that. It was good.

And this free activity for kids every other week at Lowe’s. Isabelle and Phil went for the first time on Saturday. Here’s what she did:

And she got an apron, goggles and an iron-on patch for finishing. This may be a regular part of our summer.

Then there’s this little guy, our future skater dude. He cracks me up.


Cold root beer on a hot summer day.

The kids being excited about Bible school, which starts tonight.

Working out at the Y with a friend.

A park outing.

Eating supper al fresco in the backyard.

Life doesn’t always make sense. And life is good.


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