Free Book Friday: the farewell tour

Here we are, the last Friday in May already. I have to admit, I’m kind of sad. Free Book Fridays have been fun! Maybe I’ll do it again sometime.

Without further delay, the winner of Kathi Macias’ People of the Book is Ladette Collins Kerr. Congratulations, Ladette! E-mail me at lmbartelt[at] with your address so I can send the book your way!

Kathi has two more books coming out this year, and I’ve signed up to review them both. So stay tuned for those!

Now, on to the final book I’m giving away.

The first time I read a book by Liz Curtis Higgs, I knew I’d found a friend. Higgs is a captivating and creative storyteller who can take familiar Bible stories and transform them into modern tales that teach valuable lessons. Whether it’s fiction like this or children’s books or Bible studies, Higgs is a delight to read and learn from.

Years ago when Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code was popular, Mary Magdalene became a hot topic. Higgs’ book Unveiling Mary Magdalene sets the record straight about who Mary was (a woman freed from demons) and who she was not (Jesus’ romantic interest). In typical Higgs fashion, the book is part novel — telling the story of tortured soul Mary Margaret Delaney and her deliverance —  and part study, taking Biblical accounts of Mary Magdalene and applying what we can learn from her life as a passionate, delivered, transformed follower of Jesus to our lives as we seek to know Him more.

This book is a treasure! And it can be yours! (FYI, the cover of mine is different than what’s pictured here.)

HERE’S HOW: Leave a comment on this blog  about how you feel when you’re judged or how you’ve felt when you’ve judged someone wrongly. That’s ONE entry. For EXTRA chances to win: follow me on Twitter (ONE EXTRA CHANCE); retweet this giveaway (ONE EXTRA CHANCE); share this giveaway on Facebook (ONE EXTRA CHANCE); and/or subscribe to this blog via e-mail (ONE EXTRA CHANCE). Each time you earn an extra chance, leave another comment on the blog so I can enter you to win! I’ll pick a winner next Thursday, May 31 and announce the winner on Friday, June 1, when I start a new series of book reviews for the month of June.

Spread the word and the book love, my friends!


6 thoughts on “Free Book Friday: the farewell tour

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