Free book Friday: A winner and another book to give away

Here we are — week two of free book Fridays in May. Last week I offered up Jody Hedlund‘s The Doctor’s Lady as the first book in the month-long giveaway. And I’m pleased to announce the winner.

Heather said this about memorable birthday gifts:

“Sadly I don’t have any memorable birthday gifts. But I’d still love to win…”

She was picked by, but having NO memorable birthday gifts? That’s a reason to win. So, congratulations, Heather. E-mail me, lmbartelt[at], your address and I’ll send your book!

This week’s pick is Forgotten God by Francis Chan. A couple of years ago I received a gift card to a local Christian book store, and I was overwhelmed by my choices. So many books, so little money on the gift card (comparatively speaking!). I’d heard of Francis Chan, mainly from his first book Crazy Love. I hadn’t read that book at the time. (I’m currently reading it now.) This book drew me. Chan explores the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian’s and the church’s life. As the title would suggest, we often neglect the Spirit in our everyday spirituality.

Chan makes some excellent points and follows each chapter with a story of a person or couple who has followed the Spirit’s leading to do something that, without God, would be utterly unbelievable.

Best takeaway for me from this book is the idea that we need to attempt things that can only be attributed to God. If we only do things in our own power, then we don’t need to trust the Spirit’s leading and guidance. Check out a sample chapter here.

So, what do you think? Sound like a book you want to read? I’m giving away my copy, which may have a few underlines. (What can I say? I’m a note-maker.)

HERE’S HOW YOU CAN WIN: Leave a comment on the blog telling me what role, if any, the Holy Spirit plays in your life OR what you think His role should be. That’s worth one entry.

FOR MORE CHANCES TO WIN: Share this giveaway on Facebook or Twitter (1 entry each), follow me on Twitter (1 entry) or subscribe to this blog via e-mail (1 entry).

Spread the word! I’ll pick a winner next Thursday, May 17th and announce it, along with the next week’s free book on Friday.


3 thoughts on “Free book Friday: A winner and another book to give away

  1. I recognize the Holy Spirit in most things I do and that happen to me. He inspires my choices and gives me good counsel. When bad things occur, the Spirit helps me cope and recover. I need to keep my awareness high and always pray to Him, “Thy will, not my will.”

  2. I remember so clearly when I realized I had no concept of who the HS was…no teaching on Him that I could remember ( 70’s and early 80’s) except dire warnings about getting carried away and excesses by those “Pentecostal/ Charismatic” folks. That had nothing to do with knowing who the Holy Spirit was and that I was unbalanced in my view of the Trinity and needed to be introduced to him. Becoming aware of the “Helper” Christ sent to assist me in my walk of faith is an ongoing journey and giving my control over to Him continues to be a learning process today but what a halleluia when I relinquish the drivers seat to the One who knows the way.

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