Saturday (okay, Sunday) smiles: spring edition

We went to a wedding last weekend, probably the first that Isabelle will really remember. We’d been back from Florida and Disney for less than a week, so it was no surprise that when we greeted the bride, Isabelle sidled up to her as if they were going to have their picture taken together.

“We just went to Disney. She thinks you’re a princess,” I explained. What bride doesn’t? It was cute and memorable.

Later that day, seemingly out of nowhere, Isabelle asked, “Mommy, who do you think I’m going to marry when I’m older?”

Oh, Lord, I thought we had much more time before these types of questions began.

Here are more reasons I’m smiling this week:

My husband spent most of Saturday in the kitchen making the food we’re eating for Easter today. The way to a man’s heart may be through his stomach, but the way to a woman’s heart definitely starts in the kitchen. For lunch we ate deviled ham sandwiches (they were heavenly!) and for dinner we’re eating lamb stew, both firsts for our family. So far, I’m not disappointed.

Playing Easter Bunny. We’re usually with our parents on Christmas, so Phil and I miss out on the Santa role, and neither of our kids have lost teeth yet, so no Tooth Fairy either. Easter, though, is ours. It’s fun to surprise your kids with the unexpected, part of the message of Easter, anyway, right?

To give Corban his equal cute-kidisms time, here is a transcript of a typical conversation when either parent is leaving the house or at naptime or bedtime.

Mom: Corban, do you have kisses for me?

Corban: Nope. (with a shake of the head) They’re all in dad’s mouth.

Mom: How about hugs?

Corban: Nope, they’re all on dad’s neck.

Mom: OK, I guess I’ll go get some kisses and hugs from Dad.

Corban: Wait, I have to put kisses in your mouth.

He is cute, which is trouble, because when he gets in trouble, I think it’s cute. Sigh.

I mean, how do you say “no” to this?

Or this. (His dad had a hand in the bathtub masterpiece. “Mom, look at my mohawk!” Oh, Lord, we are in trouble.)

I know there’s a lot of kid stuff on here, but they provide numerous reasons for smiling. (And plenty of reasons for not, but focusing on the positive keeps me saner.)

It was also great to see some friends who graduated from seminary last year directing and starring in a Good Friday drama at their church.

And the best reason of all for smiling this week — Good Friday is not the end of the story.

He is risen! (I love this song … my favorite for Easter.)

Happy Easter from our family to yours!


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