Saturday smiles: vacation scrapbook edition

Looking at vacation pictures, reliving the memories, has been a delight for me this week, especially now, when at the end of the week, I’m ready for a solo vacation — me without my family — or a new life. (I’ll be okay, I promise. Just hit a rough patch of reality this week.)

So, to share the love, here are my favorite pics from our family vacation. Check back on  Monday for a “best of” vacation post.

Girl meets ocean. I couldn’t catch a moment like this on purpose, so I’ll just be grateful that the camera clicked at the exact right time.

Another Kodak moment, save for the guy on the picnic table in the background. Still, I’m lovin’ the look on my son’s and dad’s faces. Precious is an understatement.

Enter land of the princesses. Isabelle is eating her first course at Cinderella’s Table in THE castle at Magic Kingdom. The bliss is written all over her face, and she’d only met one princess up to this point.

What I love about this picture is Isabelle’s imitation of Princess Aurora, right down to the holding of the skirt. Little did I know, the princess magic rubbed off. The day after we got home from Florida, we were grocery shopping and Isabelle said this in a sweet, sing-songy voice:

Well, hello, olives. How are you today? I’m very well. Well, hello, pickles. So nice to meet you.

As if I didn’t already have a drama queen on my hands. Lord, help me.

Thank you, Disney, for allowing me a trip to the future. Twelve or so years into the future. I am NOT ready for my 4-year-old to be a 16-year-old driving anything resembling a car, much less a race car. But we had fun. I worked the pedal. Maybe by then, they’ll have invented a car like that, too.

And the smile moment at the end of EVERY day, not just the fun vacationy, ones.

Kids. Asleep.

Happy Saturday, friends. Hope you’ve found some smiles this week. If not, feel free to borrow some of mine.


4 thoughts on “Saturday smiles: vacation scrapbook edition

  1. These pictures are great! You are lucky to have your parents go on vacation with you…
    The smiles on Isabelle are wonderful …and your “little buddy” son is having a great time with Dad, etc.. it’s great to see pictures like this! your kids will remember it and cherish it, and you and your husband too….I think everyone feels a let-down when coming back from vacation..
    High hopes and joys from the vacation come crashing down when reality hits again at home, but it’s not honest to keep feelings bottled up, so I can understand what you are saying.
    I just want to stress to you that you have an audience, of 2 kids, who are watching and waiting for your every move and word, and hoping you will keep a lid on it, when things get out of hand..
    ….my opinion is that it’s best to be an example to your kids, and not be too harsh with them, because you never know when you might not see them again… anything can happen, and that’s the reality of it, we don’t have control over everything, ..and you wouldn’t want to look back and say “I wish I hadn’t yelled at them” during such-and-such time……also, I’m sorry that I keep giving you unwanted advice, but I hope that it is helping.
    take care.. Marym

  2. What adorable photos, there is nothing quite like experiencing the magic of Disney with your family. Before you know it, they are 16 and looking to borrow the car. These are the moments to be treasured but I certainly understand the desire to go away for awhile alone. I had those waves of emotion often over the years but then you look at photos like these…

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