Saturday smiles: looking forward edition

If you look forward to these posts, then I’m sorry you had to wait a day. Several busy days in a row hit our house and I needed a break from anything requiring my brain.

So, here we are on Sunday (not the first time this has happened) with my weekly list of smile-makers.

First place goes to my son’s understanding of theology. Many times this week I’ve heard him saying, “Remember, Jesus loves you. Remember, Jesus loves Izzy. Remember.” And during our mealtime prayers, he’s gotten in the habit of praying, “Thanks for God.” I love hearing how our faith is translated to preschool minds.

Corban also made me laugh with some adult (not profane) language. We were talking about barbecue chips and how they’re not my favorite and I don’t prefer them but it’s okay for the kids to eat them. Corban declared, “Well, they’re my favorite. Really, I just prefer them.” Conversation over.

This week’s smiles are part looking back, part looking ahead. We have family coming to town this week, which means help is on the way and I may be able to leave the house by myself once or twice this week. Hooray!

And in just a few weeks, we’ll be on our way to Florida. My husband has been joyfully and carefully planning our trip there and back. I love this about him. He will make the trip interesting and adventurous. Hotels are booked. Now, we just have to pack. (Packing does not make me smile.)

We also saw the arrival of March this week. Even though March’s weather is unpredictable, just the word “March” brings a sense of relief. Winter is almost over. Spring will be here soon. Oh, spring, how I love you.

Took the kids to Hobby Lobby (or in Corban’s words, “Hobby Wobby”) to buy some supplies to finish a project. We went down the sticker aisle. “Stickers! Stickers!” They want stickers wherever we go. I think maybe more than candy. I’m totally willing to buy them stickers, especially if it creates a love for paper projects, as it seems to be doing.

The list could go on. Here’s a sampling:

  • neighbors helping neighbors
  • a taste of ministry life
  • unplanned park day/supper out with friends
  • working with a budget
  • a clean house
  • a successful first dentist visit for Isabelle with a no-cavity report

Oh, and the one I almost forgot. I lost another pound, bringing me to a total of 13 pounds lost since the beginning of the year. My pledge for women and orphans in Liberia is adding up.

As we learn from the musical Annie, “you’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Here’s wishing you a week of fully dressed days!


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