Saturday smiles: end of another week edition

Seriously? It’s Saturday again already? Time seems to be flying in our house right now. Which reminds me a little of those movie scenes where an airplane is flying directly toward a mountain and everyone thinks .they’re going to crash until the last minute when the plane makes a sharp turn or narrowly crests the mountain without a problem. That’s kind of how life feels for us right now. Not exactly something to smile about, I guess, unless you believe that God is good and you aren’t going to crash and burn and even if you did He’d have a plan for that.

Anyway, on to the weekly smiles.

How can you not smile at the first sign of spring? This yellow crocus, poor confused little flower, appeared in our front yard this week. With temps in the low to mid 50s part of the week, I can understand why nature might think spring is approaching soon. It is approaching soon, but I’m afraid the little crocus won’t survive unharmed till then.

The library. Even though I’m not checking out books right now because I have a backlog of books in the house to read, I still have an “I’m home” moment when I walk in. And I love that Isabelle can pick out no less than 15 books every three weeks to take home, even with a library of her own at home. Hello, we’re the Bartelts and we have a book addiction.

While at the library this week, I was reminded that three weeks from now, we’ll be on our way to Florida and halfway through the seminary semester. Crazy.

The time bake feature on our oven. I made these in the afternoon, then the kids and I took a long walk around the neighborhood. When we returned, it was ready to come out of the oven.

Last Sunday, the kids sang in church. Isabelle hasn’t quite been brave enough to do any actual singing since the kids have made regular appearances, but this time, she sang a little bit AND performed hand motions. Way to go, girl!

Making decisions as a mom. This week, it was little stuff, like making a dentist appointment for Isabelle (her first) and signing her up for soccer. I procrastinate and second-guess myself on decisions, so to have made two tangible ones for the well-being of my children this week feels great.

Isabelle’s starting to recognize and learn how to write letters. I’m not a teacher, so maybe this is old news for other parents of almost 4-year-olds, but it’s exciting. She can write her name and with a little direction copy letters and fill in crossword-type puzzles. Seeing her correctly identify letters that aren’t in her name makes me believe that yes, she will learn to read.

Corban’s terrible twos are turning ornery in the cute-but-naughty sort of way. He giggles and runs away when he needs a diaper change or takes something from his sister. I have to say here that it makes me smile because I can’t let him see me smile in the moment. It is sort of funny. But I know I have to lay down the law. He giggles about other things, too. While singing to him for naptime this week, I picked the hymn “Trust and Obey.” He repeated the words as best he could, then nodded his head and said, “I like it” followed by a giggle. It was enough to make me crack up during the song, too. Oh, the joy.

He also does stuff like this.

Friends, new and old, who keep me sane and encourage me.

Playtime at the park.

Making up after a fight.

Winning a license for a writing software I can’t wait to play around with.

Taking action toward meeting a writing goal.

So, what’s bringing a smile to your face these days?

Happy Saturday!


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