Anthem Thursday: Blessed Be Your Name

We’ve been singing this song in church this month. It’s a longtime favorite of mine because it never ceases to challenge and convict me.

Do I truly bless God when things are good? Do I continue to praise Him when life is rough?

What’s gotten hold of me this time around is this line: You give and take away/you give and take away/my heart will choose to say, “Lord, blessed be your name.”

My heart will CHOOSE to say. I’m having to force myself sometimes to remind myself of God’s goodness, to choose to say, “yes, Lord, You are good,” even when I’m not sure I believe it.

The song came on the radio while Isabelle was in the car with me. She started singing it, too. That’s a sweet moment, when your 4-year-old begins singing truths you’re learning as well.

A Psalmist wrote, “bless the Lord, oh my soul,” commanding his innermost thoughts and feelings to believe in God’s goodness.

Whatever the season of life, whatever the news is personally or globally, whatever the ups or downs of life, even when it’s the hardest thing I have to do, my heart will choose to say, “Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

Will yours?



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