Saturday smiles: groundhog edition

We’ve been talking groundhogs in our house for a week now. Last week at the library storytime (which is a recurring smile that I don’t mention often enough) Isabelle learned about groundhogs, heard many stories about groundhogs and made a groundhog craft. She’s been eager for the day since then.

© Luckynick |

Watching a bunch of old guys in hats and tuxedos pull a scared and innocent-looking groundhog from a tree stump early in the morning to tell us we have six more weeks of winter is not necessarily my idea of a good time. I’m not normally sympathetic for the rodent types, but the poor thing looked pathetic. Actually, the kids’ commentary made it all better: Isabelle said, “Corban, it’s called Punxsutawney Phil.” And Corban responded in song: “Tawny Phil, Tawny Phil.” For the rest of the day, they danced around the house to this song. We watched the drama unfold on TV. Maybe if we’re still in Pennsylvania in the coming years, we’ll make the pilgrimage to Gobbler’s Knob in the western part of our fair state.

Other smile-worthy moments this week:

Having friends over to play.

Receiving confirmation that a piece I wrote will be published by a local church for a Lenten devotional.

Surviving the first day/night of my husband’s last seminary semester.

Singing with my husband in church. And with my kids when they go to sleep.

Playing outside. When it’s almost 60 degrees. In February.


Long walks by myself around town.

A good book. This one particularly. (Stay tuned for a review and interview with the author in a couple of weeks!)

Hearing our almost 4-year-old use the word “apparently” like it’s her job. “Apparently, I do know how to do this.”

Our 2-year-old’s response to almost everything right now is “oh-kay,” kind of drawn out but not sassy yet. Just cute. What can I say, I kind of love my kids a lot and mostly think they’re adorable.

A clean house. (Not that I ever really see this, but I did a fair amount of cleaning this week. The thing is, the more you clean, the more you find to clean. At this rate, I’ll have a perfectly clean house when I die.)

God speaking a similar message to my husband and me, offering us some comfort about the future.

A cumulative 10.4 pounds lost since the first of the year.

Sleep. Which is what I’m off to do soon. For me, there’s not much that beats a good night of sleep. Except maybe a great cup of coffee. And if I have the former, I don’t so much need the latter.

Good night, and keep smiling.


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