For moms like us

I’m picky when it comes to devotionals, especially ones geared toward moms. I recently finished What the Bible is All About for Moms by Kathy Pride. And by “recently finished” I mean I started it a year ago, took a break for a while, and came back to it in the last month or so. My hiatus was not the fault of the devotional. Let me be clear about that. It’s a gem of a book. A unique blend of Bible readings, insights and personal application for every book in the Bible.

Pride draws from Bible teacher Henrietta Mears’ work What the Bible is All About and condenses it for the busy mom. She includes one-sentence points to ponder, as well as a short story from her life that relates to a reading from the book, and thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter. Pride’s book provides a good overview of the Bible and encouragement for moms in any season of motherhood.

FAVORITES: The stories. The author is charming and heartwarming. Her hospitality jumps off the page and I felt like she could be my next-door neighbor talking with me over a cup of coffee. Pride doesn’t sugarcoat motherhood or the Bible’s instructions. She’s real and honest, which is a great benefit to other moms.

FAULTS: This devotional piqued my interest in the Mears book. Maybe that’s not a fault, per se, but there were (rare) times I was more interested in reading Mears’ book than Pride’s summary of Mears’ book. Occasionally the stories were a stretch to fit the topic and some of the suggested Bible readings were lengthy. None of these are reasons not to read the book.

IN A WORD: Doable. If you’re looking for a meaty devotional geared toward mothers, this is your book. It’s spiritually filling but not overwhelming.

For more on the author, visit her here.


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