What faith in action looks like — a review of Wait No More by John and Kelly Rosati

If the Rosati family had a motto it would be: Nothing is impossible with God.

They should know. God miraculously grew their family through adoption and the Hawaiian foster care system, a story they tell in Wait No More.

It’s a compelling roller coaster of a read, full of suspense, joy, fear, disappointment, elation and just about every emotion in between. The Rosatis are honest about their fears, their failures and the nitty gritty, not-so-pleasant aspects of adoption and raising adopted kids. They’re also upfront about their faith and having no regrets that God gave them four gifts in their children.

I tend to read adoption books cautiously. My husband and I have talked about it, but never seriously, and with two active kids under the age of 4, I’ve put the idea out of my mind lest I go out of my mind thinking about more kids in our family. The Rosatis acknowledge that adoption isn’t for every family, but they feel everyone — all Christians, that is — is called to care for orphans in some way. That’s an aspect of it I hadn’t considered.

I admire adoptive families, but I’ve never asked how I could help them or considered that maybe life isn’t peaches and cream because a family opened their home to a child who didn’t have one. I’ve romanticized adoption in the past. Wait No More has opened my eyes to other ways to support orphans and adoptive families.

Consider reading this book not only if you’re looking into adoption, whether it’s overseas or domestic, but if you’ve wanted to help orphans but didn’t know how. The book includes a listing of resources for further information and help on the topic.

Wait No More is a picture of faith in action. The Rosatis didn’t always have the answers or a clear idea of how the next step was going to happen, but they trusted God anyway and were blessed in doing so.

What blessings might be ours if we lived life the same way?


In exchange for my review, I received a free copy of Wait No More from Tyndale House Publishers.
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