Saturday smiles: the better late than never edition

Time got away from me this week, so here are my weekly smiles, a day late.

I could stop right there, right? Girl+chocolate=happy. She’s learning that lesson early in life.

Other smile makers this week:

  • Six little girls in leotards prancing around the tumbling gym following their teacher.
  • Hula hooping with my daughter on International Hoop Day, the same day as tumbling class.
  • No pants dance party. Let me clarify. The kids weren’t wearing pants. But we were ALL dancing. Like this. In the living room. With the shades open.
  • Getting my Zumba groove on for the first time. I think a Wii is in our not-too-distant future.
  • Food names according to Corban: rock’n’rolly (guacamole), monster cheese (muenster cheese) and hamon (salmon — pork of the sea?).
  • Date night.
  • Passing 20,000 words written in the first two weeks of November. (Go, NaNoWriMo!)
  • Using my imagination. And letting the kids use theirs. We created this a couple of different times this week:It’s a barn for the animals and the Barbies. House/barn party?
  • Grand opening of the Bartelt School of Arts and Crafts. This is so out of character for me, but the kids had a blast, and we didn’t even make a huge mess.















And a few more just for fun. Sometimes I have to make myself play with my kids instead of turning chores into play. I’m almost guaranteed a smile if I play with them. Who could resist?

Not I.