The reasons I have laugh lines

My son, almost 2, says while riding in the car this week: “We need more snow.” That’s enough to ensure my face bears the joys I’ve experienced long after the experiences have passed.

When my husband asked him why, my son said, “Because, for the grass.” For his, sake, I hope we have more snow this winter.

Other smile-worthy events this week:

  • Coffee and conversation at Starbucks. (This was only the second time I’ve ever been to Starbucks. It’s a good thing I can’t afford $5 coffee too often.)
  • This conversation with my daughter: “Mommy, do you really like boys?” “Well, I like one boy in particular.” “Who?!” “Daddy. And I like Corban, too. Do you like boys?” (Please say no, please say no.) “Well, not if they’re mean.” I’m so not ready for this.
  • The end of antibiotics for my son.
  • Dinner as a family with another family of friends.
  • In a related matter, my husband having a night off of work when he doesn’t also have class.
  • Isabelle’s excitement to trace letters in a preschool activity book. “I’m getting ready for preschool,” she says.
  • Sunny, 60-degree days in November. (It was short-lived.)
  • Realizing there’s only 2 weeks till Thanksgiving, 3 weeks till my son’s birthday, a month till the end of the semester, all of which means we’ll be able to go home to Illinois soon.
  • Here’s one I should have added last week but forgot: Living up to my hair color. “Um, I think the copier is broken.” “Did you put money in it?” “No. I bet that would fix it.” Please note that I’ve used the same copier many times before. Brain. Dead.

Are you smiling about anything this week? Tell someone why. Lord knows, we could all use a little more to smile about.