Upturned mouth syndrome

Some weeks, it’s the little things. Lately, it’s almost always the little things that are making me smile.

Like my daughter calling me “your majesty,” when she really wants something or is extra thankful for whatever it is I’m doing.

Or my son talking in his sleep. Or saying ridiculous things when he’s super tired. Like last night at the concert. It was past his bedtime and he asked, “Where’s the diaper bag?” I asked him why we needed the diaper bag. “There’s cookies in there.” There weren’t, but he was persistent. “There’s cookies in there.” I laughed. Not much later, he asked, “Where’s the butter?” Holding back more laughter, I asked what he needed butter for. “The cookies! Where’s the butter, Daddy?” Maybe you had to be there.

Other moments on my list this week:

Looking up from whatever I was doing to find this:

She’d seen a girl at library storytime whose face was decorated like a cat. She wanted to copy.

Seeing family

Making new friends who also are pastors’ wives

Reconnecting with friends who also happen to be musicians whose songs are on the radio

Watching my kids watch a live concert

 The coffee hasn’t totally kicked in this morning, so there may be others from the week, but those are what come to mind first.

Are you smiling about anything this week?



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