Here’s your sign …

I don’t endorse labeling people or groups as “stupid,” but that Bill Engvall comedy routine “Here’s your sign” still makes me chuckle a little when I think of it. (And maybe it dates me a little. Is he still around? I feel like I watched him in the 90s. Like that was so long ago.)

My husband and I have been doing our own version of “here’s your sign” with church signs lately. We seem to notice them. And not that we could come up with the “perfect” church sign message, but we end up shaking our heads or discussing the point of the message or wondering if it accomplishes its purpose.

I’m no Matthew Turner (Jesus Needs New PR. I love the signs people send in to him). He tends to attract the funny and provocative ones.

I haven’t seen anything like that around here. But try this church sign out. I saw it today.

“We’re too blessed to be depressed.”

That’s a different take on a similar churchy saying I’ve heard before.

What do you think?

What makes a good church sign message? What have you seen recently that makes you cringe? Or smile? Or think?

Would you attend a church based on the message on its sign?



One thought on “Here’s your sign …

  1. I think that that sign is put up by people who don’t understand that depression is an illness and not a feeling. If this was my church I would probably find out who put it up and have a very real and serious conversation about it and then that would probably have a big impact on what happened from there. If it was a church other than mine I would be totally turned off that church. Knowing that sign exists at all hurts my feelings b/c it is hard to deal with mental illness and the stigma that lies with it and seeing that the stigma is just thrown out there in front of a church hurts even more. With MUCH effort I’m going to hold off on the desire to go off on a long tangent down that path and Instead say that I do not like most messages on church signs. The one’s around here are either cheesy or rude and I hate that that’s the idea that someone just driving by has of ‘Christians.’

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