Saturday Smiles, week 2

It’s Friday night and I’m home alone. Well, as “alone” as a person can be with two kids in the house. An hour ago I was hardly able to keep my eyes open while putting the kids in bed. The kids were overtired, resisting sleep, and I still had a batch of Rice Krispie treats to make ahead of an all-day marriage retreat/seminar on Saturday.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure I had it in me to write a post about what made me smile this week. Reviewing the list I’ve been compiling all week is already lifting my spirits.

Here are the things I’m smiling about this week.

  • Despicable Me. I laughed out loud. A lot.
  • A 6-year-old telling me she was soo stressed because of school.
  • Isabelle telling me, after she received a notebook from the potty prize box, “I could stay up all night writing.” Oh, do I know the feeling.
  • My husband reaching for my hand during singing in church.
  • Pretty much everything that comes out of Corban’s mouth right now. “Bye, kids” at the Y Kids Korner. “I like puddles” on a rainy day. “I’m just lookin’, Mommy” as he touches everything on the grocery store shelves.
  • Receiving two copies of the One Year Joy and Laughter Devotional in the mail and seeing my name on two of the entries.
  • Playing “ting-tong” (ping pong) with my kids at the seminary while visiting my husband on his lunch break between classes.
  • Making up after a fight.
  • Sandwich King Jeff Mauro. My new favorite Food Network show. Not only does he make sandwiches that sound DELICIOUS, he’s from Chicago and takes viewers on a weekly food tour of the city. I want to download the recipe for everything I’ve seen on the show so far.
  • Making other people smile when I wear my “Super Mom. Super Wife. Super Tired” shirt. This week, it could have been my uniform.
  • VeggieTales humor.
  • My kids’ imaginations. And their giggles.
  • Day trips with friends.
  • Being outside.
  • Flowers.
  • Co-op parenting.
  • Meeting new neighborhood kids.
  • Watching my kids play with their friends.
  • Fall weather. And jeans and sweatshirts.

What’s got you smiling this week?


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