We almost packed the scale

Our family is visiting family for the next couple of weeks, so the My Loss Their Gain campaign will be on a bit of a break, at least blog wise. I can tell you what I have or haven’t eaten, how much I have or haven’t exercised, how guilty I do or don’t feel about it, but I won’t have a way to measure my progress. The scale, the specific one I use regularly, is one control in this whole weight loss challenge, so since we didn’t pack it in our suitcases, I’ll just have to be in suspense till we’re back home.

My husband did put us through a rigorous strength-training workout yesterday morning. My abs are feeling it today. But a birthday party and a birthday trip to the sushi buffet (yesterday and today) probably negate any work we’ve done on the exercise front.

My husband, my accountability partner for exercise and eating, will be away from me for a few days, so it’ll be up to me to keep up the work in his absence.

I. Can. Do. This.


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