A ‘Guilt’ trip worth taking

Nearly two years ago, C.J. Darlington spoke at a meeting of the writers’ group I attend.

She and her sister, homeschool graduates, were running a successful Web site writing book and music reviews and author interviews, among other things. Her first novel, Thicker Than Blood, a contest winner, was about to be released.

Anytime I connect with a published author, I take an interest in their work. I finally took the opportunity recently to read Thicker Than Blood and its stand-alone sequel, Bound By Guilt. The latter is among the titles eligible for Tyndale’s Summer Reading Program, which ends this month. I’ll confess that this was my motivation for reading both books.

My only regret is waiting so long to pick them up.

Compelling characters, realistic storylines, suspense, redemption, and transformation set in the world of rare and antique booksellers and ranching in Colorado — both novels make for a great read.

I enjoyed Bound by Guilt a tad more, but I can recommend both books enthusiastically. Darlington is working on another novel, which I’ll be interested in reading. Not only does she write a good story, she’s an inspiration to fellow writers. She started writing Thicker Than Blood when she was 15!

I hope you’ll check them out. They have a unique perspective I haven’t seen in Christian fiction.


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