All the Single Ladies

I’ll spare you my Beyonce impersonation. Besides, this isn’t a music review; it’s a book review.

On to the book: “Every Single Woman’s Battle.”

I’m not single, but I did find value in this book by Shannon Ethridge. I haven’t read any of this series of books but this workbook/guide quotes a lot from “Every Woman’s Battle,” which piques my interest in that title.

I wish I’d known what Ethridge presents when I was single and engaged. I think it would have been helpful for the foundation of my marriage. Of course, it’s never too late to learn about protecting the emotional health of your marriage or creating intimacy, so I appreciate the questions and tools Ethridge presents.

A couple of questions that stood out to me:

“Do you expect marriage to eliminate all your sexual temptations?”

“Do you want to love God more than anything else? How would that look in your life?”

I did not take time to personally answer the questions in this particular book but they did get me thinking about my own relationship with God and my husband. I look forward to using this in ministry to young women sometime in the future and assessing my own history of sexual and emotional compromise.

Ethridge doesn’t hold back, addressing issues that some might see as controversial, especially in the church. But I think her willingness to shed light on darkness is needed in an age when sexual purity makes a girl abnormal.

Click here for a preview of chapter 1.


In exchange for this review, I received a free copy of this book from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

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