This much free fun should be illegal

Finally, the follow-up to our free day at Longwood Gardens. My husband was in the middle of final papers and projects for seminary, and given the week we had that followed, being at Longwood for part of a day was a great way to relax in the midst of stress. Just walking through the doors, I could feel the worries and cares of the world  melt away. Longwood Gardens is becoming a retreat for us.

We began as we usually do, in the indoor children’s garden. Here, our kids can run around, make noise, play in the water and generally feel like they belong.

Isabelle was waiting to play with musical instruments. Corban, if you look closely, is soaked from head to toe.

Next, we took a lunch break.

The kids enjoyed our picnic in the van. Corban kept stashing his food in the side compartments near the window. I’m afraid we might be finding food for a long time.

After lunch, we headed to my favorite area of the Gardens: the Italian Water Garden.

I can’t really tell you what it is about water in a garden, but my soul is refreshed by such a combo. Corban, water-lover that he is, also appreciated it.

We took some time to wander through the outdoor flower gardens, which weren’t much to speak of when we visited in March, but were in full bloom this visit.

Phil & I started planning our tulip garden, taking a liking to these varieties.

I’ve honestly never seen so many different kinds of tulips!

Here was one of Isabelle’s favorite flowers:

Snapdragons, I think. Lovely.

Because we were on a time crunch — Phil had to go to work that afternoon — we hightailed it across the park to the outdoor children’s garden, so the kids could play a little more and, we hoped, tire themselves out for the drive home.

More water, more fun.

And, success.

A day well spent.


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