Return to Longwood Gardens

In the afterbirth of spring, when the world was gray, wet and gloomy but full of hope, this pop of color was a welcome sight — refreshing to the soul. We were on our second visit to Longwood Gardens, on a March day that was cooler than we’d hoped but still offered a pleasant indoor/outdoor garden experience.

This Friday, we’ll return to Longwood Gardens for our third visit, this time free, thanks to National Public Gardens Day and Better Homes and Gardens. (Click here to check if a garden near you is participating and print your FREE admission voucher.)

Since our first visit in August, I’ve wanted to return to Longwood Gardens. Our second visit didn’t disappoint in its uniqueness from the first. For one, our son is older and walking now, so he could participate in more of the children’s activities.

This is my favorite picture of our two kids in the children’s garden area:

Corban loves water, so to be able to “chase” water as it leaps along a winding path, was pure heaven for him. What fun to watch the two of them enjoy the plants. One of our best memories from this visit was Corban’s talent for falling and/or throwing himself into flower displays, causing dirt to fly. We were sure we’d be blacklisted from the gardens. But it’s a kid-friendly place, so not to worry.

In March, not much of the outdoor gardens were colorful or blooming, so we’re looking forward to seeing what spring has to offer.

But, the indoor plants made the visit worth our while. These were a few of my favorites:

My husband’s in the midst of writing final papers for the semester. My birthday and Mother’s Day are coming up. Taking a break to visit our favorite flowering sanctuary will be a treat this week.

I hope the fountains are running. The royal wedding earlier this week already put me in the England frame of mind. If I see the Italian Water Garden again, I might book a flight to my study abroad alma mater Harlaxton the next day.

If you’ve got nothing going this Friday and the weather looks favorable, I’d encourage you to participate in this generous event and experience a local garden for yourself. And if you find a good one in your area, I’d love to hear all about it!

And stay tuned for pictures and stories from our Friday visit at Longwood!

Happy spring!


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