Put down the ice cream and no one gets hurt

Week 7, Day 3. We are now just two weeks from the end of the Couch to 5K plan, a little more than two weeks from our 5K. Where has the time gone? And how is it possible that we’ve now run 2.5 miles three times in the last week and have lived to tell about it?

When we started this journey, I wasn’t sure where it would take us. I couldn’t envision being at this point, running more than 2 miles, being able to do it AND enjoying it. I couldn’t imagine it because the steps to get here have been many, gradual and at times, difficult. Running 2.5 miles still isn’t easy, but it’s not daunting like it used to be. Today we ran the same route as last Thursday, when we ran 2.25 miles. Today’s time: a shade over 31 minutes, down 2 minutes from last week’s run on this route. It was rainy and cold. I had a pain in my shin, I think from swimming with the kids yesterday, but it didn’t affect my running.

I’m noticing that I find a burst of energy when I can see the finish point. Sometimes I start the route slow so I know I’ll be able to finish strong and well.

Perhaps if I adopted the same attitude toward life’s trials, I would not find them as overwhelming either. Maybe I won’t be able to see the end, but if I could live with the attitude that an end is coming, that whatever it is I’m facing won’t go on forever, then maybe I could keep working hard to finish well.

I’ll weigh in again on Saturday, but I’m not expecting much improvement. It’s been an off week, emotionally and eating-wise. We’ve had two meals out already this week (parents in town … date night) and will have another tomorrow after seeing the Statue of Liberty, plus there’s a lot of chocolate in the house thanks to Halloween.

My husband is still rationing the ice cream, though. He scoops. I give him the, “Is that all?” look and he reminds me that our goals are more important than a dish of ice cream.

Sigh. He’s right. And I know it. Self-control is still a discipline I’m learning.


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