In a fog

Week 6, Day 3. Yep, we’re approaching week 7. This morning we woke up to fog, so I donned the reflector belt while Phil decided the stroller’s reflectors would be enough for his safety. We didn’t meet much traffic so it wasn’t that big of a deal anyway.

The thing about fog is that you can’t see well where you’re going. We Google mapped a 2.2 mile route, so I had a picture in my head of how far we’d gone, but I had to jog by memory and faith along the way as I determined where we were at on the journey.

As we ran up the final hill, I knew that we had less than a mile to go, and I was encouraged; I can do this, I told myself. When Phil jogged in place so we could be side by side for the last three blocks, I found new energy. I could see the end, so I jogged all the faster.

And I thought about all the hard stuff of life. How sometimes it’s like being in a fog, and even if you know the way, you can’t always see exactly where you’re at. Sometimes I get tired of enduring the junk this world offers us, and I want to know that the end is near. That it’s almost over. Not in a fatalistic, I’m sick of this kind of way, but in a relief sort of way. Like saying, Finally. I don’t have to struggle anymore.

I know the Bible offers us hope an end will come, even if it comes through our deaths. I just have to keep reminding myself that this won’t go on forever and every step is progress.

So, as far as running goes, good-bye 2.2 mile run. Hello, 2.5 mile run for the next three training days. Oh yeah, and we ran today’s route in 29 minutes, about 90 seconds longer than our 2 mile run a week ago.

Progress! It’s all about gaining ground.


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